I’m Spartacus!

The Hollywood Blacklist of the 1950s was a sad event which has been well documented in countless books, articles and movies (ever see The Way We Were or The Front?)   It's also a complicated subject which blurs art, politics, the business of film, and a historical perspective. As such, we don't feel we can … Continue reading I’m Spartacus!


It’s a Universal Picture!

Now, it's time to do a post about a topic we've wanted to write about for a long, long time.  It's going to be a foray into some of our most cherished cinematic memories.  A world populated with cobwebs, creaking coffins, misty moors, electrical laboratories, and spooky castles.  A place where even a man who … Continue reading It’s a Universal Picture!

The World Wouldn’t Be In Such a Snarl… If Marx Had Been Groucho Instead of Karl

Woody Allen once famously remarked that Groucho Marx will still be funny a thousand years from now.  We have to agree.  Some things are just timeless.  And even though Mr. Marx left our company over 40 years ago, we feel he has definitely earned his place in film history - and is clearly deserving of … Continue reading The World Wouldn’t Be In Such a Snarl… If Marx Had Been Groucho Instead of Karl

Running Blades

Understanding the crucial value of production design,  Hollywood has honored the best achievements in art direction every year since the Academy Awards were first handed out in 1927.  But today, we want to talk about one film in particular which set a new standard eye-popping visuals and which broke new ground in the field of … Continue reading Running Blades

The Career of William Friedkin

Most of the personalities who've populated these posts either grew up in the Hollywood system, or gained their entry to the film world through the New York theater.  The story behind our next subject is a little bit different. William Friedkin was somewhat unique in that he came from Chicago and as such, had the … Continue reading The Career of William Friedkin

The Goldwyn Touch

Since so much of life comes down to basic communication, in this edition of Miracle Movies we're going to focus on a famous Hollywood personality who had real trouble in this department.  Having immigrated to Southern California from the "old country" and possessing nearly no skills whatsoever, he still managed to climb to the highest … Continue reading The Goldwyn Touch

The Silver Screen’s Biggest Star

After a few serious offerings from Miracle Movies, for this edition we thought we'd have a little fun.  Specifically, we wanted to give the backstory behind what is indisputably the biggest star in film history.  John Wayne?  Nah.  Meryl Streep?... guess again. Marilyn Monroe?  Not even close.  Tom Cruise?  You're thinking waaayy too short....  Think … Continue reading The Silver Screen’s Biggest Star

Express Yourself: The Story of Metropolis

Way, way, back - when we posted our first article on this blog, we cast our vote for what we considered to be the greatest silent film ever made.  Even if you disagree with that assessment, you'll still have to admit it remains one of the most important (and influential) films committed to celluloid.  90 … Continue reading Express Yourself: The Story of Metropolis

Is Vertigo the Greatest Film of All Time?

Back in 2012, there was a major announcement in the world of film criticism. It came from Sight and Sound magazine, which under the auspices of the British Film Institute, conducts a poll every decade to determine a consensus on what film scholars consider to be the greatest movies ever made. Incredibly, for the past … Continue reading Is Vertigo the Greatest Film of All Time?