The Life of Charles Chaplin

With the growing popularity of the Blog Blog Highlights, we're often contacted by people who want to know who was responsible for writing specific posts. If you visit the blogs from the Blog Home Page, it's a relatively easy matter. The poster's public name is listed right under the title of the article. That's why we strongly encourage bloggers to add extra "pages" to their blog. Or at least add some POC information to their "About" page. If you're going to go to the trouble of posting your thoughts or ideas, the least you can do is present your readers with a means to follow up if they want to learn more. And if there is one Hollywood legend who definitely has a lot of "pages" in his biography, it would be one Charles Chaplin. A true giant in the history of cinema, he created what is probably the most iconic and famous character in all of film: The Little Tramp. The majority of today's audiences have probably never even seen a Charlie Chaplin film. But show them a silhouette of The Tramp, and he'll easily be recognized. He might just be the most recognizable fictional figure of the 20th Century.


Film History’s Number 3…

When it comes to Hollywood and the magic digit 3, there's really only one possible thing which comes to mind. Time to hide the children. Because we're about to give the low down on The Three Stooges. Love them or hate them, The Three Stooges hold the distinction of being the longest running comedy act … Continue reading Film History’s Number 3…

The Wilhelm Scream

You may have not realized it, but the movie industry also thrives on the concept of recycling. And this time, we're talking about sound effects. A very special one in particular. One that even the casual movie-goer should have no trouble recognizing. For years it's been sort of an in-joke among film people as Hollywood's most famous "recycled" sound effect. And it goes by the name of the Wilhelm Scream. AHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIII!!!!

The King of Ballyhoo

Sorry, but so many of these efforts seem to come across as "gimmicks". And since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought this would be a fine time to introduce the uninitiated to Mr. William Castle. In Hollywood, he was known as the "Master of Gimmicks" or the "King of Ballyhoo". One might argue about the quality of his films, but as a producer he had no equal when it came to packing them in on opening night.

Scarface: “Nothing Exceeds Like Excess”

Ever hear the phrase: "Nothing Exceeds Like Excess"?  We're not sure exactly what it means... But we do know where the quote came from. It's from a 1983 film which epitomizes stylistic "excess" in Hollywood. One that people either passionately love or absolutely hate. And which features the combined efforts of three of the most … Continue reading Scarface: “Nothing Exceeds Like Excess”

The Sad Story of Fatty Arbuckle

Cinema is full of fascinating tales. And this is one of the earliest. It also happens to be one of the saddest. In addition to showing the tragic consequences of playing loose with the facts, it also provides an opportunity to draw easy parallels with today's celebrity obsessed culture. And the 24 hour cable news … Continue reading The Sad Story of Fatty Arbuckle

Technology, Unintended Consequences, and Forbidden Planet

Whenever we talk about new technologies - whether it be smart phones, social software, biometrics, gene-splicing, intelligent robots, or new can openers - there seems to be a range of opinions. At one extreme are what we'll call "the Technologists." They seem to feel that anything new is automatically good and will lead to the … Continue reading Technology, Unintended Consequences, and Forbidden Planet