Shaken…Not Stirred (Part 3)

In our last two posts, we gave an overview of James Bond from a producer’s point of view…providing a short history of the series and highlighting why certain changes were made along the way. In doing so, we necessarily had to skip over the films themselves… barely mentioning some of them in fact. Which is … Continue reading Shaken…Not Stirred (Part 3)


Shaken…Not Stirred (Part 1)

Yes, it’s finally time for Miracle Movies to discuss James Bond and his place in film history. (Who just said what took you so long?) To date, Mr. Bond has been the star attraction in 26 different feature films, which combined have made the tidy sum of over $7 billion. Adjusted for inflation, they represent … Continue reading Shaken…Not Stirred (Part 1)

The Master of Disaster (Part 1)

In the history of Hollywood, there's been one producer/director who could never be accused of not having passion for his job. Tinseltown is an extremely demanding and cruel arena in which to ply your trade. But not only was this individual extremely successful....he positively reveled in the position. His name was Irwin Allen. And with … Continue reading The Master of Disaster (Part 1)

Management Advice From Roger Corman

As a public service, we'd like to tell you about Roger Corman. Often called "The King of the B's" or "The Pope of Pop Cinema," Mr. Corman has had a colossal impact on Film History. Not necessarily because of the "artistry" of his films, but because of his unrelenting emphasis on "getting things done." Indeed, … Continue reading Management Advice From Roger Corman

The Dead of Night

In this edition of Miracle Movies, we're going to illustrate some of the trials and tribulations of low-budget film-making. Specifically focusing on some things which just won't die.  Such as the walking dead and where the modern zombie got its start. And that would be a small, ultra-low budget film entitled Night of the Living … Continue reading The Dead of Night

Film History’s Number 3…

When it comes to Hollywood and the magic digit 3, there's really only one possible thing which comes to mind. Time to hide the children. Because we're about to give the low down on The Three Stooges. Love them or hate them, The Three Stooges hold the distinction of being the longest running comedy act … Continue reading Film History’s Number 3…

The King of Ballyhoo

Sorry, but so many of these efforts seem to come across as "gimmicks". And since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought this would be a fine time to introduce the uninitiated to Mr. William Castle. In Hollywood, he was known as the "Master of Gimmicks" or the "King of Ballyhoo". One might argue about the quality of his films, but as a producer he had no equal when it came to packing them in on opening night.

A Ray Harryhausen Primer (Part 2)

We haven't exactly done a poll, but we'd wager that there's more than a few individuals down there who are Ray Harryhausen fans. It just seems to come with the territory. Especially if you have any interest at all in modeling, film-making, or animation. Yesterday, as a nod to individuals who have chosen this as … Continue reading A Ray Harryhausen Primer (Part 2)

TEOTWAWKI…Said George Pal To His Bride

For the uninitiated, TEOTWAWKI is shorthand for “The End Of The World As We Know It.” And as far as the movies go, apocalyptic themes are nothing new. According to Wikipedia, since 1950s, there have been well over 200 films with this idea at their core. It would be impossible to do them all justice … Continue reading TEOTWAWKI…Said George Pal To His Bride