The King of Ballyhoo

Sorry, but so many of these efforts seem to come across as "gimmicks". And since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought this would be a fine time to introduce the uninitiated to Mr. William Castle. In Hollywood, he was known as the "Master of Gimmicks" or the "King of Ballyhoo". One might argue about the quality of his films, but as a producer he had no equal when it came to packing them in on opening night.


The Secrets of Psycho

The movie Psycho is coming up on its 60th anniversary. And in some ways, it's the perfect film school movie. In addition to containing what is the most studied sequence in all of movie history, the release of "Psycho" created immense ripples which are still discernible in the industry to this day. It also made popular … Continue reading The Secrets of Psycho

A Ray Harryhausen Primer (Part 2)

We haven't exactly done a poll, but we'd wager that there's more than a few individuals down there who are Ray Harryhausen fans. It just seems to come with the territory. Especially if you have any interest at all in modeling, film-making, or animation. Yesterday, as a nod to individuals who have chosen this as … Continue reading A Ray Harryhausen Primer (Part 2)

TEOTWAWKI…Said George Pal To His Bride

For the uninitiated, TEOTWAWKI is shorthand for “The End Of The World As We Know It.” And as far as the movies go, apocalyptic themes are nothing new. According to Wikipedia, since 1950s, there have been well over 200 films with this idea at their core. It would be impossible to do them all justice … Continue reading TEOTWAWKI…Said George Pal To His Bride

Film History 101 (Part 8): A Violent Walk on the Wild Side

As we have seen, the 1960s was a transitional decade for Hollywood as it was overcome by a new wave of youth-oriented pictures.  As such, it began to feature an ever expanding variety of new styles, themes, and story lines.  Among them were some key films which acted as benchmarks for the future development of … Continue reading Film History 101 (Part 8): A Violent Walk on the Wild Side

Film History 101 (Part 7): A Near Death on the Nile

As part of our journey though Film History 101, we've now reached the 1960s. Major changes were afoot.  Not the least of which was seeing the entire industry rocked to its core by one film which clearly demonstrated that the studios no longer had complete control over their projects as they did during the previous … Continue reading Film History 101 (Part 7): A Near Death on the Nile