The Secrets of Psycho

The movie Psycho is coming up on its 60th anniversary. And in some ways, it's the perfect film school movie. In addition to containing what is the most studied sequence in all of movie history, the release of "Psycho" created immense ripples which are still discernible in the industry to this day. It also made popular … Continue reading The Secrets of Psycho


Hitchcock and Hedren

Sexual harassment is a very important topic in today's work environment. And today, we'd like to relate a seldom told (but very true) tale dealing with that subject. It also involves perhaps the most famous movie director of all time: Alfred Hitchcock. The year was 1962. And Hitchcock was at the pinnacle of his career. … Continue reading Hitchcock and Hedren

Film History 101 (Part 8): A Violent Walk on the Wild Side

As we have seen, the 1960s was a transitional decade for Hollywood as it was overcome by a new wave of youth-oriented pictures.  As such, it began to feature an ever expanding variety of new styles, themes, and story lines.  Among them were some key films which acted as benchmarks for the future development of … Continue reading Film History 101 (Part 8): A Violent Walk on the Wild Side

Head North by Northwest

As we've mentioned before, Hitchcock made a total of fifty three films, and it's amazing to consider how many have gone on to achieve "classic" status.  But most film historians would agree he reached his creative peak during the late 50s and early 60s.  In past posts, we've discussed Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds, and Marnie. … Continue reading Head North by Northwest